How to Apply For a Building Permit

To determine any other information that is required for your specific project please utilize the Permit Requirements Checklist (PDF) or see the tabs below.

To begin the permit process, complete an application and email Development Services Department at along with any required documents.

Applications can also be picked at the City Annex building, located at 601 Moore Avenue. 

For any questions, call the department at Phone 361-777-4550.


Building permits are issued in the name of the property owner(s) or licensed contractors performing the work. Generally, you will need to provide the following:

  • A building permit application 
  • One Com-check (2009 Energy Code for Commercial) or one Res-check (2009 Energy Code for Residential) 
  • W.P.I.-1 Form for Windstorm Certification

There are four types of permit applications issued by the City of Portland. They are as follows:

  1. New Commercial 
  2. New Residential
  3. General Permits
  4. Roll-off container
  5. Garage Sale

If you are a submitting a permit for a New Commercial Building you will need to use the Commercial Building Permit Application (PDF).