Water & Sewer Rates

The City of Portland’s Charges for Water & Wastewater can be found here:
Code of Ordinances: Division 2. - Monthly Charges & Billings
See the tables and information below for service costs within the Portland city limits. 

***The charges displayed below are NOT the same for services outside of the city limits***
Sec. 23-43. - Services outside of the city limits states:
"When city utility services beyond the city limits are allowed by the city council, users shall pay one hundred twenty-five (125) percent of the rate of applicable water, wastewater and solid waste fees. A city plumbing permit shall be required, and all work shall meet city codes for plumbing, whenever the city is supplying water to any part of a facility or location. (Ord. No. 1124, § 1, 12-30-04) 

Table 1. Water & Wastewater Minimum Base Charges within the City Limits

Residential Meter Size Water Wastewater
0.625-inch to 2.0-inch $17.93 $42.93
Commercial Meter Size Water Wastewater
>0.625-inch to .75-inch $21.06 $52.01
1.0-inch $27.23 $69.16
1.5-inch $42.59 $111.99
2.0-inch $61.05 $163.38
3.0-inch $104.14 $283.33
4.0-inch $165.70 $454.70
6.0-inch $319.58 $883.07

Sec. 23-41. - Minimum charges states:
Raw Water accounts, any meter size, will have a minimum monthly charge of one hundred sixty-five dollars and thirteen cents ($165.13). 

(b) New "master meter" systems (where many entities or units are served through one (1) meter) shall only be allowed
      with prior written approval of the city manager and finance director. All "master meter" systems for apartments,
      multi-family units and commercial entities shall be charged a monthly minimum rate of thirty dollars and seventy
      cents ($30.70) for water (plus usage as outlined in Table 3). Apartment complexes (five (5) units and up) and
      commercial accounts on master meters will be charged a per-unit charge of twenty-five dollars and seventy-four
      cents ($25.74) for wastewater (plus usage as outlined in section 23-42). Multi-family units of two (2) to four (4) units
      will be charged thirty-seven dollars and eighty cents ($37.80) per unit for wastewater (plus usage as outlined in
      section 23-42). The per-unit charges will not vary based on occupancy of the unit. Minimum solid waste service for
      master metered units shall be established by the city, based on a projected volume of waste.

Sec. 23-42. - Monthly usage charges states:
(a) Water. Water usage (per metered connection) for each one thousand (1,000) gallons or part therefore shall be billed
      as stated in Table 3. (shown below) 

(b) Wastewater. All residential customers shall be charged a wastewater discharge usage fee of one dollar and fifty-three cents ($1.53) per one thousand (1,000) gallons of average monthly consumption. The average monthly consumption is defined as either the system-wide single-family residential average or the specific single-family residential location average for the previous months of December, January and February. Commercial customers shall be charged a wastewater discharge usage fee of one dollar and fifty-three cents ($1.53) per one thousand (1,000) gallons of actual usage each month.

Table 3. Water Usage Charges per Thousand Gallons

Potable Water Raw Water
0 to 13,000 $3.93 $4.18
13,001 to 25,000 $3.99 $4.18
25,001 to 40,000 $4.23 $4.18
40,001 and up $4.55 $4.18