Play It Safe

Play It Safe, a Splash Course in Water Safety has been cancelled for 2020. 
Please be on the lookout for the 2021 events schedule in the new year. 

The City of Portland will host the 7th Annual Splash Course in Water Safety.  This is a free swim day at the Portland Aquatic Center.  Come out and learn about water safety, requirements for your backyard pool, community CPR, how to play safe in and around the water, and have a whole lot of fun! 

When:            TBD for 2021

Time:              TBD

Cost:               TBD

Portland’s award-winning water safety program is held each May. It is geared toward keeping kids safe in and around the family pool. The event takes place at the Portland Aquatic Center, 2002 Billy G. Webb Dr. Play It Safe offers an opportunity to learn about water safety, backyard pool requirements, and how to play it safe in and around the water. The event is free and open to everyone. All children must be accompanied by an adult. (This is a free swim time at the Aquatic Center.)