School Zone Safety

Know the laws pertaining to school zones. For those with a new driver in the house, take care to ensure they’re familiar with school zone laws. Fines in school zones are generally higher and the Portland Police Department is serious about enforcement.
• Crossing guards DO have authority at all school zone crosswalks

• Drivers MUST STOP at all crosswalks when a crossing guard and student(s) are in the crosswalk

• Drivers MUST NOT proceed until the crossing guard signals the okay

• Drivers MUST NOT park in or block fire zones or park in front of fire hydrants

• Drivers MUST NOT stop in a lane of traffic to drop off a child—it’s dangerous

• Drivers MUST NOT block crosswalks, sidewalks, or driveway entrances/exits to schools or parking lots

• Cell phone use is not allowed in school zones—use only hands-free devices
As of Sept. 2, 2017, texting while driving is not allowed in Texas—not anywhere. Furthermore, no one under 18 may operate a vehicle while using a wireless communication device (except in a real emergency).