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The City of Portland is dedicated to supporting all recreational sports. Many youth associations are experiencing a decline in the number of volunteers each season. Many families are now involved in multiple weekly activities, and volunteering is just not an option. Most recreational youth associations are focused on finding the best-qualified volunteers to fill coaching positions, and board member positions, ensuring proper player instruction and meeting the needs of players and parents within their association.


The City of Portland has been able to assist recreational youth associations with resources in concessions and allow the associations to focus all their volunteer’s attention and efforts on providing the best sports instruction to the youth of Portland.  


Youth association volunteers are no longer having to spend additional hours driving to stores for food products, loading and unloading supplies, and coming in early to set up concessions before games. In addition, youth associations are also not having to search for volunteers and having to worry about coverage of the concessions when parents are not able to volunteer.


A recreational youth association must possess a current active status as a 501c3 organization and be in compliance with all state and federal requirements to operate as a 501c3 and must provide all required information regarding registration and programming numbers at the end of each season and in exchange, the City of Portland offers all associations that meet these requirements a percentage of the profit from concession sales during their season.


The City of Portland is steadfast in providing all recreational youth associations the best support as they offer recreational sports to the youth of Portland.