Broadway Blvd Expansion Project

The City of Portland created an expansion project on Broadway Boulevard (Blvd) between U.S. 181 and Meadowbrook Drive (Dr) to alleviate the growing traffic in the area. The project includes widening the roadway to two lanes in each direction, installing a traffic light at the intersection of Broadway Blvd and California Dr, and providing another entrance into the Bay Ridge subdivision by extending Sacramento St. to Broadway Blvd. Work is scheduled to last through Fall 2023, minimizing interference with the school year. 

Beginning Monday, August 28

City of Portland’s contractor, JE Construction Services will begin widening Broadway Blvd between U.S. 181 and Meadowbrook Drive. During the project, one lane will be closed, converting Broadway Blvd into a two-lane street. Traffic in both directions will still be possible. Please drive cautiously and abide by all traffic signage.

Phase 1 (in progress) - Extending Sacramento St to Broadway Blvd

The first part of this highly anticipated project includes creating another entrance to the Bayridge Subdivision. Contractors are currently preparing the area between Sacramento St and Broadway Blvd. Crews will build a box-culvert bridge to create the Sacramento St extension. The bridge will include paved roadway, sidewalks, curb & gutter, railing, ADA ramps, pavement striping/markings & signage, and ditch & drainage improvements.

Phase 2 (in progress) - Widen Broadway Blvd & Add a Turning Lane

The final phase of the project includes widening Broadway Blvd to 2 lanes each direction from US 181 and approximately Meadowbrook Dr. Additionally, a right-turn lane will be added so motorists can easily access the US 181 Frontage Road heading towards Gregory.

Phase 3 - Install Traffic Lights at California Dr & Broadway Blvd Intersection

The City of Portland recognizes the growing traffic in the area. To increase the safety for all, a 4-way traffic light will be installed at the intersection of California Dr and Broadway Blvd. 

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